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I haven’t seen Live for, literally, years (I guess since Electric Ballroom on 1999-07-01, so just shy of seven years). I managed to get tickets for me and [ profile] oneplusme (review) through Scarlet Mist. I’ve had mixed results selling but, overall, got to see a sold-out show for face value without giving anything to touts. It’s a nice piece of social software, too – constant reminders that, hey, you can always do something else, that face-value isn’t negotiable, and that there’s no buy-side queueing. I really hope it’s still doing well next time I need to get, or shift, tickets.

Support was Kharma 45.

Better than they needed to be, although still more obvious as a set of influences than what novelty they’re bringing.

Live have been a band for a little bit more of their lives than they spent not being a band, which is kind of weird to think about.

Ed Kowalczyk is just so ridiculously enthusiastic. If you were simple-minded enough to be comparing bald frontmen of bands I’ve seen recently, he’s the polar opposite of Maynard James Keenan. There’s constant eye contact with the audience, absolutely no cynicism, and cheerleading of audience singing. I can believe that he’s sincere, but not that he’s also wholly grounded in reality.

And yeah, he does like taking his top off and leering, so let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s all in good fun.

Throwing Copper is, deservedly, their most successful album. The rest all have something to offer, but often marred by a lack of focus. At their best, though, it’s soaring, euphoric stuff, and veering very close to Christian Rock without too much danger of becoming Creed.

Seems like the last couple of albums were a little misdirected, but what they played from Songs from Black Mountain sounded like it was worth a bit more attention.

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