Jun. 7th, 2006

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The Dresden Dolls put on a fun show. Amanda Palmer seems hugely ambitious, as well as neurotically self-conscious, but the progression from the first to the second album does a great job of moving from her lifetime archive of personal songs to some pretty good songwriting.

Yeah, an “aerialist” as warm-up act. (Between support and main.) The audience loved this, especially as we saw that it was turning into something far more impressive than some lass in a leotard shimmying up and down the curtains.

Sat at either side of the stage, and with a fairly nuanced dynamic.

Brian Viglione’s a fantastic drummer. Obviously there’s the frenetic rhythm-keeping, but he’s also in on the caberet aspect with some neat gurning and reacting to Amanda. And a bowler hat (not pictured).

Amanda pretty much kept to her seat. (No dancing?)

T-shirt says “Die, Hipster Scum!” (“Hipster” costume?)

(Check out Lnr’s report of the Cambridge gig if you like words.)

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I always thought of TV on the Radio as last-year-but-one’s Arcade Fire, except they didn’t blow up in quite the same way. They’ve got a similarly exciting live vibe, though, and will fill you with delight.

They performed at the ICA recently, which sold out too fast for me – reviews suggest that I missed out. This gig was at ULU, another great little venue.

Kyp Malone has fantastic hair. Tunde Adebimpe is so enthusiastic that you will do what he tells you to. David Andrew Sitek is always up to some kind of hijinks. The rest of the live band are no slouches, either.

“We were going to play Staring At The Sun accoustic for this tour.”
(audience cheers)
“What are you cheering for? That would be terrible!”

You don’t have a megaphone, and now you’re wondering why.

New album out this year. Apparently the internet-leaked version is sounding like the best thing ever, although it’s supposedly not the final mix.


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